Athletics- Season Dates

Season Dates

**Please note:  These dates are estimates just to give you an idea of when the seasons run.  As the season of sport approaches, we will announce specific tryout dates and times.


Cross Country
Season runs from August – October

Soccer / Volleyball
Tryouts: Late August (1st or 2nd week of school)
Season runs from August – October

Girls’ Basketball
Tryouts: Late October
Season runs from October – December (ends before Winter Break)

Boys’ Basketball
Tryouts: Late November/early December
Season runs from December – Late February (8th boys season may extend to March if qualified for Crescent City Tourney)

4/5 Basketball
Tryouts: Mid-January
Season runs from January – late March

Tryouts: February
Season runs from February – April

Tryouts: Late February
Season runs from February – April

Pre-season: Mid-March
Season runs from March – mid-May