Welcome to the Columbia School District Family!  Whether you are new to the family, returning to the family or looking for a new school family to join, Columbia School District is the right choice and we welcome you with open arms.  Our district was founded in 1885 as a single room school.  Now we have two campuses; one 5th-8th grade middle school, (Mountain View) and a k-4th grade elementary, (Columbia).  The elementary campus is also the home of our Lion Cubs Preschool and our East Valley Community Day School.  Our enrollment k-8 is slightly under 1,000 students.

The Columbia campus was constructed in 1958 and was a k-8th grade school until 2001 when the construction of Mountain View was completed.  Although the district has a long history of providing an excellent education, we are on the forefront of incorporating technology in every classroom.  We have computers, projectors and Smart boards in every classroom with staff highly trained in the use of technology.  Our mission is to ensure that every student learns; No Limits, No Excuses and we are committed to providing the extra time and support to make that happen.

Our District Priorities are: 1) Positive relationships, safety and communication, 2) Student Achievement, 3) Staff Development, and 4) Facilities, Finance and Transportation.  We measure policy, actions, and expenditures against our priorities to be sure that we are making “Kids First” decisions.

Do not hesitate to contact any member of my leadership team if you have any questions.

Clay Ross