Columbia Elementary School District

Welcome to the Panther Counseling Corner at Mountain View Middle School!

Middle school can be challenging yet exciting for students and parents. During middle school, students are learning about themselves, peers, developing social skills, experiencing personal growth, beginning to think about post-secondary options, and more. As a school counselor, my role and responsibility is to ensure that I am assisting students within academic, career, and social/emotional development. 

In the school counseling program at Mountain View Middle School, I will provide school wide activities, group counseling, guidance lessons, consultation, collaboration, individual student planning, referrals, and more. Throughout the school year, I will meet with students individually and/or in a small group environment.  As a school counselor, I will be engaging with teachers, administration, parents, and community members. It is important for me to collaborate with other educators and community members to ensure that each student is receiving the support they need.

My office is located in the Student Services building (#905).

 Some topics I will discuss with your student:

 College/Career  Study Skills  Conflict Resolution Skills  Responsibility
 Time Management Skills  Social Skills  Mental Health  Life Skills
 Bullying/Cyberbullying  Organization Skills  Healthy Friendships/Relationships

Word "Success" with arrow pointing the way on the roadway

Tips for a successful school year

Allow yourself to make mistakes.
Have a positive mindset.
Set goals & make a plan to reach them.
Spread kindness.
Say please and thank you always.
Make to-do lists.
Limit time with technology.
Find a study partner.
Hold yourself to a high standard.
Give more than you take.
Always eat lunch.  Eating every 3 hours maintains a healthy mind and body.
Try new things.  Be courageous.
Use your agenda pad daily.
Study a little every night.
Keep your backpack organized.
Create a quiet space at home for doing your homework.
Avoid sugar in the morning to enhance concentration.
Eat a healthy breakfast to fuel your brain and feel energized instead of tired.
Exercise daily for an alert mind and stress free body.