Columbia Sweatshirt Orders!

Columbia Sweatshirt Orders!title

Parent Club is selling Columbia Sweatshirts!
Orders due Wednesday, October 16th.
Order forms available in the school office.
Upcoming PAC Events

Upcoming PAC Eventstitle

The annual Fall Carnival is Friday October 25th.
Contact a PAC member if you would like to help.
What does PAC support?

What does PAC support?title

Parent involvement and fundraising efforts provide assistance all over the Columbia campus!
  • Program licenses for extra student learning
  • Friday Spirit Days
  • Science materials
  • Assembling materials for lockdown buckets
  • Appliance needs - washer and dryer
  • Fall Carnival
  • Mother/Son events
  • Father/Daughter events
Photo of multiple red lockdown buckets
Photo of stackable washer & dryer
School Beautification Project

School Beautification Projecttitle

Thank you to the many Columbia families that rolled up their sleeves and got a little dirty at the school beautification workday on Jan. 6, 2018!
PAC was able to bring in the manual labor and lunch for this project.
Parent celebrating all the work being done.  In background parents with shovels continuing to dig irrigation ditch.
Parent working to establish irrigation ditch
One parent digging irrigation pipe ditch.
Two parents providing dirt site work for irrigation installation
Two parents working with shovels around established tree in construction area for irrigation
5 Parents working to dig irrigation ditches.